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    Zinc Sulfide
    Zinc Sulphide

    Zinc Sulfide is a highly purified additive. It can be used to Engineering Plastics, Coatings, Friction Materials, etc.

    Product Grade Contents (%)
    LS-WJ97 ≥97

    XINDA LS-WJ97 is a Zinc Sulfide based high purity functional white pigment. It is typically used in following applications.

    Plastic Industry

    - Low Abrasiveness: LS-WJ97 has lower Mohs hardness than TiO2. So it can be used in all glass-fiber-reinforced plastics (GRPs) which require good tensile strength and other mechanical properties. With lubricating properties, it can protect machines and moulds from abrasion.

    - Excellent Processing Performance: LS-WJ97 can be used as lubricant to avoid the elastomer plastic becoming brittle. It also has good dispersion and high temperature stability, which can promote the processing of high-performance plastics and improve the production efficiency.

    - Excellent Optical Performance: LS-WJ97 is a unique white pigment that can be used together with optical brighteners to make brighter whiteness. Unlike TiO2, it can also prevent metal ions from entering the polymer. Therefore, it can improve the weather resistance of plastic.

    - High Thermal Conductivity: LS-WJ97 has high thermal conductivity when used in polyolefins which can help protect polymers against thermal degradation and it is suitable for plastics in LED.

    Example of Application

    - Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic

    - Mixing with TiO2, PA66 glass fiber reinforced will significantly reduce its mechanical properties. However, using Zinc Sulfide LS-WJ97 to replace TiO2, the mechanical properties are well retained.

    Coatings Industry

    - Prevent Cracking: LS-WJ97 has high thermal conductivity and keeps the coating at appropriate temperature to avoid cracks.

    - UV-Curing Performance: Traditional white pigments will prevent UV light from entering the coating’s inside layer. Therefore, traditional white or colorful coating can not use UV curing technique. But LS-WJ97 allows more ultraviolet light enter into the coating interior, and triggers cross linking reaction of the inside photoinitiator. It can also reduce dosage of other additives so as to reduce the cost.

    - Convenience in Adjustment: Low binder demand allows formulators to adjust the viscosity of the coating.

    - Prevent Cracking: LS-WJ97 has high thermal conductivity and keeps the coating at appropriate temperature to avoid cracks.

    Example of Application

    - UV Curing Paint

    Compared to TiO2, the end of the light absorption spectrum is greatly shifted into the ultraviolet region. With the efficient activation of the photoinitiator, the curing of the thicker white UV coating is faster and more complete.

    Friction material industry

    The Zinc Sulfide by XINDA manufactured improve the operation of brake pads and clutch facings. Zinc Sulfide is a relatively new material in the friction industry. Compared with other metal sulfides, the product's effect is mainly reflected in the high-temperature high-speed segment, which can significantly improve the friction coefficient of the brake pad in the first recession and the high-temperature high-speed segment. Especially, the effect is the best at the extreme end temperature, so that the formulation has better braking performance.

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