• Heyuan Xinda Tech. Held the Annual Dinner Party of 2016

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    On Jan. 21, the traditional "Xiaonian" festival in South China, Heyuan Xinda Technology 

    Co., ltd. held an annual dinner party in Heyuan factory. All employees of the company 

    enjoyed a special night together.

    On behalf of the company, General Manager Mr. Lin sent best wishes to all employees. 

    He highlighted three words--THANKS, HOPE and WISH.

    18 outstanding employees were awarded prizes for their contribution during last year. 

    The awards include Special Contribution of Sales, Special Contribution of Technology 

    Projects, Special Contribution of Liquid Stabilizer Projects and Outstanding Employee 

    of the Department, etc.

    In the evening, our managers from different department showed their talents on the stage.

                                                          《The journey with you all the way》


                                                                         《Paper Crane》


    Staffs including factory workers also giving wonderful performances. 

    The Sales Department chorused "Don't Give Up Hope".

    The Product Department chorused "Ode to the Motherland". 

    The Development Department chorused "Loyalty to Serve the Country". 


    A sketch "Drunk Driving" from the Product Deparment. 


    The Product Deparment chorused "Old Boy".

    The Financial Department chorused "The Same as You". 


    Audience interactions.

                                                                        Humorous comments.


                                                                             A "Conductor".

                                                             Felt like a concert.


    The "Lucky Draw".

    All the joy and laughter brought a satisfying close of the annual dinner party. 

    Thanks again to all our employees and our clients for everything!

    Wish you all the best in the new year!


    Heyuan Xinda Technolgy Co., Ltd., is a top manufacturer of plastics addtives in China.  

    The major products include calcium/zinc stabilizer, liquid stabilizer and flame retardant

    etc. We provide tailor-made solutions for the processing of PVC products: pipes, pipes 

    fittings, profiles, foaming products, cables, toys, leathers, transparents products and many 

    more applications. The company boasts world-class devices and an excellent technology 

    and management team. We constantly endeavor to develop more effective, multifunctional 

    and environmentally friendly products.